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Hot Rods Fresno was formed back in 1999  by a group of 8 guys who went to high school together or hung out together back in the 50"s.  They decided that it would be fun to have a get together to show off their hotrods.  They decided to put on a "free" car show to be held at Mikes Bar in Friant. The word was passed on and about 50 hotrods showed up. This was back in 1999.  In 2014 
we had our 14th annual car show in the Tower District with 491 cars entered.   This year our honor system of checking in went much better.      I thank all of you for putting your registration card in your window.  It makes it much easier on our judging and checking to see who has paid.  Again these cards must be on your windshield by 10 AM.  I think that our show went quite smoothly.     We had a great raffle and gave away alot of really nice prizes.  This year the 50/50 was $600 and the person that won gave the little girl that pulled her ticket only $20.  Last Year the 50/50 was $630 and the little boy that pulled the ticket was given $10.  Something to think about for next year.     The registration form for 2015 will be avaibale after the 1st of the year.Today we have 35   members.  We do not have meetings, the only thing required from our members is that they help put on the annual car show held on April 11, 2015


For more information call:

Garland Sharp:  559-434-1313
Charlotte McFerrin: 559-299-1540 

Hot Rods Fresno
3103 E. Magill Ave.
Fresno, CA 93710

email: hotrodsfresno@hotrodsfresno.com


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